Heltrex works exclusively with most reputable suppliers worldwide to guarantee to its customers regular availability of high-quality sawn timber for construction and joinery namely Red wood ,Whiteboard & Filleries at the best available market prices. A variety of other timber products are available upon request.



Whether you need pulp to manufacture paper, to convert into diapers, or to produce rayon, our vast experience and unmatched technical leadership will assure you receive the best available offers.


Paper & Board:

Paper is an essential part of our lives and satisfies many human needs. We use it to store & communicate information(Newsprint ,LWC paper ,writing and printing paper and copying paper) we supply these brands to the printers ,presshouses & converters.
We also use paper and board to protect and transport different products, so we supply the material required for the packaging industry (Kraft liner board,
Test liner, Medium ,White top liner & sack kraft paper).
In addition we can provide you with paper required for the food packaging industry (1/S coated paper, Sulphite paper,Tea tag paper & Greasproof paper,……etc.)
Finally,we supply paper required for personal hygiene and medical uses (tissue paper, napkins, disposable garments and bed covers).